◬ Brotherhood of Light ◬

""Light, More Light" Wolfgang Goethe

The Brotherhood is not one more Grand Lodge between the Esoteric and/or Occultist Community. The purpose is to become an "elite" Brotherhood which will try to synthesize and make the best possible use of the ideals of the European Enlightenment, Ancient Greek Philosophy, Christian Humanism as well as Classical Rome as a model of an organized State.
It is therefore an intellectual and/or studying group which focuses on Liberal, Adogmatic and Humanitarian Principles. It is a different "pole" through which man can evolve Spiritually and Politically (according to the Aristotelian view).

The members of the Order have sworn complete opposition to all forms and expressions of despotism and dogmatism (spiritual, religious, political, etc.) and are committed to defending the rights of all human beings, the fight against traditionalism and the suppression of all forms of fanaticism.
Helpers in the above efforts are meanings such as Rationalism, Science and the Creative Decomposition of old dogmas and perceptions. The phrase that characterizes the members of the Brotherhood is Nosce te Ipsum - Ex Te Nosce alios (Know thyself - And from thyself know others)



"The ◬ Brotherhood ◬ is structured on the highest humanitarian and liberal values that have been developed through ancient Greek philosophy, Roman law, and freemasonry."



The purpose of the ◬ Brotherhood ◬ is to establish a new way of approach of the human entity, and society in general, through science, technology and finance, while rejecting all forms of authority and despotism. The aim is therefore twofold: on the one hand, Brother Spartacus intended to establish equality and egalitarianism in society and, on the other, to make democratic and secular reforms, limiting the role of the church, the institution of the kingdom and political coercion.



"The illumination from the Sun of the Rationality will dissolve the clouds of superstition and prejudice. Human nature will improve through reeducation, away from the state and organized religion."