Four Collegia are currently in operation, located in Athens, Corfu, Thessaloniki in Greece and Limassol in Cyprus.

Speeches and discussions held within any Collegium are not subject to any restrictions regarding religious, political, economic and social issues (except, of course, self-evident civilized behavior and respect for different views).

As in the early age of the ◬ Fraternity ◬ (in order to protect their safety), the members of the Laboratories receive aliases from Ancient Greek & Roman history (for symbolic purposes now).

The grades of ◬ Brotherhood ◬

1. Novice / Neophytus
2. Minerval / Athenian
3. Illuminatus Minor
4. Entered Apprentice of Illuminative Craft
5. Fellowcraft of Illuminative Craft
6. Master of Illuminative Craft
7. Illuminatous Major
8. Illuminatus Dirigens
9. Warden Illuminatus
10. Prince Illuminatus
11. Philosopher
12. Governor Illuminatus
13. (Honorary Degree)