The Purpose of the Order

The purpose of the ◬ Brotherhood ◬ is to establish a new way of approach of the human entity, and society in general, through science, technology and finance, while rejecting all forms of authority and despotism.

The aim is therefore twofold: on the one hand, Brother Spartacus intended to establish equality and egalitarianism in society and, on the other, to make democratic and secular reforms, limiting the role of the church, the institution of the kingdom and political coercion. The illumination from the Sun of the Rationality will dissolve the clouds of superstition and prejudice. Human nature will improve through reeducation, away from the state and organized religion.

Salvation is not where the powerful thrones are defended with swords, where fumes from incense burners emerge in the sky or where thousands of strong people cross the rich fields of crops. The revolution that is about to break out will be sterile unless it is complete. " (Adam Wahshaupt)
«"Why is it impossible for the human race to achieve its perfection, ie its ability to self-govern? We do not need regulatory authorities and civil codes. When logic finally becomes religion for man, then only the problem will be solved; then we can cast off the yoke of the monarchs and priests, destroy the urban world from its foundations and rebuild it in the main direction of returning to the purity of Nature. Religion, patriotism and family must be dissolved, rejecting every social bond, in order to build a single world, a world-wide nation. Initially, we can break these yokes through science and human logic and subsequently transform local economies into collective ones, resulting in their abolition. We have to work on the foundations.

Thirteen Points for the Evolution of Humanity

• Common currency (created for the well-being of individuals and not as a means of their coercion)
• Ecumenical Language (the aim is to establish the Greek language the "official" of as many countries as possible, without forbidding the use of the local ones)
• Security for everyone
• Full and continuous welfare scheme for everyone
• Decentralization of Wealth and World Income
• Absolute Equality of All
• International Justice. Total repression of crime, corruption and tyranny
• Health and excellent Hygiene conditions for everyone
• Administrative Decentralization of Population and Family Planning
• Cease of taxes that are means of repression, fines and administrative authorities
• Unlimited freedom in Opinion and Expression and full political rights for all
• Ethics of Being, Cease of hunger, poverty, begging, prostitution, child labor
• Establishment of common Police and Army forces for the sole purpose of Human Security. They will be scrutinized by committees that will not be led by the political leadership.